Thoughts on Partnership

  1. Score keeping is for competitors not partners.
  2. Very few partnerships are benefited by (or survive) the justice that is inflicted by one partner getting even with the other.
  3. Love can’t be earned but trust has to be.
  4. Forgiveness benefits the person who forgives as much or more than the person who is forgiven.
  5. Divorces don’t end marriages any more than coroners end lives, they both just document the death that has already occurred.
  6. You can expect your partners to cooperate with you but don’t look for them to complete you.
  7. Partnerships are about participating with other people not possessing them.
  8. Emotional intimacy and emotional intensity are not the same.
  9. Infatuation adores and idolizes another person while love honors and forgives them.
  10. Your marriage or relationships that you have now will most likely be exactly the type of marriages and relationships that your children will eventually create in their own lives.

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