Thoughts on Parenting

1. Parenting is a process of helping your child to recognize, accept and exercise their own personal power and decision making responsibly.

2. Protecting your child isn’t always the best way of loving or parenting your child.

3. Don’t expect your child to practice values you don’t practice.

4. Punishment of ideas or feelings is abuse.

5. Success in parenting doesn’t require us to be smarter or stronger than our children or even have all the answers-we just need to remember what our goals and purposes are for our parenting and remain consistently committed to them.

6. It is more important for you as a parent to be aware of your child’s strengths and assets than their problems and weaknesses because your child needs to be shown their strengths and helped to understand that their strengths are the cornerstones and tools with which they will manage their challenges and build their own lives.

7. Children who believe they have failed at being appreciated will usually succeed at being dreaded.

8. Shaming a child won’t humble them-it humiliates them.

9. Healthy parenting focuses on contributing to your child’s development without necessarily intending to control it.

10. Your child’s bad behaviors are most often their strengths and assets being mismanaged by the child’s own immaturity, frustration or ignorance.

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