Relationship Issues


It is surely not an exaggeration to say that relationships are the soil in which our identity, our purpose, our joy, our very life grows. Most of us at some point in our lives will cultivate and commit to a marriage or similar partnership which we intend to belong to for a lifetime.  These relationships are created and sustained by the best parts of ourselves: our promises, our sacrifices, our patience, our forgiveness, our courage, our sense of humor and on and on. Such partnerships are intended to be a place where we can love and be loved.

We want to be able to be ourselves and be safe with another person.  How unfortunate that we sometimes forget that something so important to us can be fragile and require constant maintenance.  Hurtful words, selfishness and disagreements can send big reverberations through a relationship causing lots of damage. Relationship problems can cast a shadow over friendships, job performance, parenting, eating, drinking, sleeping and many other vital areas of our lives.

Loneliness, depression confusion and anger are some of the most expectable responses to marriage and partnership difficulties.  It is these very emotions that can make it so difficult to see our own contributions to the ongoing relationship problems clearly and further make it difficult to understand the other person’s point of view.  The recipes leading to relationship problems can be quite complex.  Both partners are living lives having to manage a multitude of challenges while they sustain their partnership.

If not properly responded to relationship problems can result in one or both of the partners becoming increasingly discouraged and eventually giving up on the relationship altogether.  Failed relationships cause tremendous pain for the involved couple and all the people who love them.  We all know that not every story has a happy ending but there is hope.  Mental health professionals such as Dr. Harden can help people understand the underlying causes to their relationship problems and develop appropriate responses for those relationships which can be healed.  Treatments can include individual counseling for one or both of the partners.  It can also involve the partners working together as a couple in couple’s counseling.  Sometimes one or both partners are suffering from other conditions which may need additional treatments such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse problems, etc..  Having a psychiatrist such as Dr. Harden on your team can help you find and treat these problems properly.  Don’t wait until the pain has gone too far, hurting relationships can be helped.

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