Panic and Worry


You and almost everybody you know or love has a busy life. Spouses, children, jobs, finances, friends, education and lots of other responsibilities require our attention. Every day we have places to go and things to get done. Unfortunately worry is also a part of all of our lives but not everyone’s worries are rational and well managed.

Unreasonable worries and feelings of panic afflict many people and present with a wide range of symptoms. Among the most common symptoms of anxiety are the experiences of becoming sweaty or nauseated at the thought of public speaking or having to take an important test. Somewhat more serious are symptoms such as: constantly engaging in silly habits that feel obligatory; irrational worry about germs and diseases; repeatedly unnecessarily counting, touching, checking or washing items; persistently feeling nervous or uneasy in groups of people or public places.

Even more serious anxiety symptoms include full blown panic attacks (with shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, shakiness and the sudden onset of unreasonable or unjustifiable fear) or flashback nightmares and memories in which a person vividly relives tragic or traumatic experiences they have been through. The effects of this wide array of symptoms can cause problems ranging from a person just seeming somewhat eccentric all the way up to a person deciding to completely isolate their self, stay at home all the time and avoid even their family and friends. The ability to manage and enjoy day to day life and relationships can be pushed completely beyond people’s reach by their panic and worry symptoms.

Despite panic and worry being such serious problems they are surprisingly common. Thankfully many treatments are available to help people solve or mange their panic, worry and anxiety. Sometimes treatment involves diagnosing and addressing a medical problem (such as anemia, breathing problems, heart problems, hormone problems, etc.). At other times treatment can include the use of psychiatric medicines.

Frequently psychotherapy or counseling can benefit a person with anxiety and worry problems by helping them discover and develop new ways of managing their feelings and find greater joy and success in their life. Psychiatric physicians such as Dr. Harden are uniquely qualified to help guide patients through both the medical and psychiatric evaluations and treatments for anxiety, worry and panic problems. If you or someone you love is suffering from problems similar to those discussed above please encourage them to seek psychiatric help. It may be their first step to a much better life.

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