Thoughts on Staying Mentally Healthy

1. Get Regular physical activity- go walking, jogging, cycling, swimming or whatever exercise you enjoy doing that gets your body active. Exercising at least 5 times per week for 30 or more minutes at a time is what is recommended but listen to your body and don’t over do it.

2. Eat healthy- exercise good judgment and act responsibly toward junk/snack food, sugars/sweets/candy, fats, caffeine and alcohol.

3. Take relaxation breaks- when you are feeling tense or stressed stop what you are doing and find a comfortable position and intentionally refocus you thoughts on pleasant ideas; relax the muscles in your body which are tense (neck, shoulders, jaws, etc.); breathe deeply and slowly with you stomach muscles.

4. Develop good sleep habits- go to bed at a reasonable time and make yourself get up at the same time every day if your routine schedule will permit it.

5. Prioritize relationships- stay close and connected to the people (and pets) you love and care for, talk to them often and let them know how dear they are to you.

6. Celebrate the beauty and talent around you- enjoy the sunsets, mountains, flowers and such that you witness; take pleasure in the writing, music, art and talents of people you run across today.

7. Define success for yourself- write out in clear simple terms a description of what a good or successful person is; from now on don’t let yourself get sidetracked spending your time and energy on what you really don’t think matters.

8. Give of yourself- contribute to your community without expectation of repayment; find ways to volunteer to help the unfortunate people and creatures of your world.

9. Manage your disappointment- you and the people around you are imperfect; disappointment in self and others is inevitable so manage it don’t try to evade or deny it.

10. Live today… today- living with your mind constantly focused on yesterday or tomorrow can rob you of and entire lifetime’s worth of joyous todays.


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