Marriage & Relationship Counseling


Marriage Issues

Our marriage relationships and lifelong partnerships are usually the parts of our lives where we are our most emotionally vulnerable and where we expect to find our greatest comfort and support. Caring for these important aspects of our lives is necessary to our ongoing joy and mental health.  A person that feels their partnership or marriage is falling apart will often develop troubling feelings of loneliness and hopelessness.  This can cause the idea of talking to an alienated partner or trying to solve painful disagreements seem overwhelming or even impossible.

Seeking the help of a therapist may change your outlook.  Marital or relationship therapy can involve just one person from the relationship working at trying to understand and change the problems they believe they have been causing the relationship.  More often relationship and marital therapy finds both partners from the relationship working together in the therapy sessions.

A therapist such as Dr. Harden can help couples develop their abilities to understand, forgive, collaborate and change as individuals and as partners.  Furthermore, as partners grow in their ability to respect and trust each other they will likely see improvements in accomplishing the shared responsibilities they confront such as managing finances and parenting.  Using a psychiatrist such as Dr. Harden also brings the advantage of his expertise in diagnosing and treating other psychiatric problems which one or another partner may be suffering and thereby stressing the relationship.  Troubled relationships don’t have to be seen as hopeless, therapy may be just the change you need to renew the comfort and safety of your relationship.

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