Childhood Defiance & Attitude Issues

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Child and adolescent behavior problems present as a wide variety of difficulties that can leave parents feeling very challenged and frustrated. A child’s behavior problems can undermine or prevent their success in school, sports, friendships and other important areas of their life.

Serious behavioral problems in children will often cause parents to seek a doctor’s help so that they can better understand and deal with their child. Problems sitting still, inability to be quiet or always intruding on other people could be symptoms of ADHD. Bullying other children, cruelty to animals and stealing or destroying other people’s property may represent a conduct disorder.

A constantly resentful, argumentative child who deliberately annoys or gets even with friends and family members could be experiencing an oppositional defiant disorder. Frustrations from abuse, parental conflict or other family problems can show up as many different behavior problems. A child’s reluctance to go to school can be a result of problems ranging from worry about a family member at home to persistent frustration with school because of being teased or having a learning disability.

Scheduling a psychiatric evaluation allows the parent(s) and child to talk with Dr. Harden and review important information about the child and family to better understand the nature and causes of the behavioral problems. As part of the evaluation the doctor and the parent(s) then develop strategies and possible treatments for dealing with the child’s difficulties. Recognizing medical or learning problems and addressing them is essential to helping the child. Treating emotional problems with counseling or even medications if necessary can correct many behavior problems. Parents spending time with the doctor learning new ways of understanding and responding to the child’s behaviors can result in major improvements in the difficulties. No one has to feel isolated or alone in the face of their child’s behavior problems. A psychiatric evaluation with Dr. Harden may open unexpected doors to new solutions and hope for the child and their family.

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