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Thoughts on Being You

Self control is the only real control that is always available to you. Your pains and injuries repeatedly confront you with the decision of whether you are going to be a victim or a survivor. Love is a gift; it can only be given, never earned. Today is perfectly suited for being who you always…
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Thoughts on Getting Good Sleep

1. Getting up and out of bed at the same time every day is an important part of establishing a regular sleep-wake cycle. 2. Minimize or eliminate your use of tobacco (in any form). Nicotine can be quite stimulating and interfere with getting to sleep. An addiction to nicotine if serious enough can awaken you…
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Thoughts on Staying Mentally Healthy

1. Get Regular physical activity- go walking, jogging, cycling, swimming or whatever exercise you enjoy doing that gets your body active. Exercising at least 5 times per week for 30 or more minutes at a time is what is recommended but listen to your body and don’t over do it. 2. Eat healthy- exercise good…
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Thoughts on Partnership

Score keeping is for competitors not partners. Very few partnerships are benefited by (or survive) the justice that is inflicted by one partner getting even with the other. Love can’t be earned but trust has to be. Forgiveness benefits the person who forgives as much or more than the person who is forgiven. Divorces don’t…
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