Attention Issues

Do you or does someone you know struggle with not being able to succeed in life up to their real potential? Maybe they have attention difficulties. Problems with attention can adversely affect functioning in every area of a person’s life including family, friendships, school, work, sports activities and even driving. Repeated problems overlooking important details, losing items necessary for the task at hand, forgetfulness and failure to finish tasks are all common symptoms of attention deficit problems.

People with attention troubles can also appear to be hyperactive when they have symptoms such as an inability to remain seated, always jabbering on and on, frequently interrupting others and constantly fidgeting. Chronic problems with attention can take a toll on a person beyond just their attention. Low motivation, discouragement, attitude difficulties and social withdrawl can all result from never feeling successful and not understanding why. Unrecognized and untreated attention problems over the long term can also result in problems keeping jobs, repeated relationship failures, engaging in criminal activity and misusing or getting addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Most attention problems begin in childhood and many of them continue to be problematic throughout adulthood. Unfortunately difficulties with attention can be due to a variety of medical and psychiatric disorders. Depression, ongoing abuse (physical, emotional or sexual), anxiety, chemical dependency, attention deficit hyperactive disorder and family problems can all adversely affect attention and each one requires specific treatment approaches.

An evaluation with Dr. Harden would examine the patient’s various symptoms and get background medical, social and psychiatric information to be able to make a diagnosis of the exact problems that need treatment. Various specific treatment strategies could involve such approaches as putting together a plan for how to minimize distractions at work or school; starting counseling or medications for psychiatric diagnoses or putting together special learning accommodations for students in the public school system. Problems with attention deserve the professional evaluation and treatment that Dr. Harden can provide.

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