Anger & Irritability



At times anyone’s life can become very stressful whether they are a child, teen or an adult. Stressful challenges can occur anywhere on any day unexpectedly at work, school or with our friends and family.  Unfortunately, irritable or angry responses to situations can make life more difficult for everyone involved.

The range of irritability and anger problems that people can display is extensive. Anger that only occurs in episodes could be due to substance abuse problems, unexpected life circumstances or cyclic disturbances in mood such as depression or bipolar disorder.  Constant frustration or criticism of others may be caused by chronic self esteem problems, personality disorders or relationship troubles.

Sleep disorders and undiagnosed medical conditions can often cause noticeable anger and irritability as well (and many other emotional changes).  Untreated anger and irritability can disrupt relationships, prevent effective parenting, destroy friendships and cause diminished performance or even failure at work or school.

Scheduling a psychiatric evaluation with Dr. Harden could begin the process of finding and understanding the possible emotional problems, medical problems, relationship problems, or other issues behind the troublesome anger and irritability.  Many different treatments options could be considered.

Family, couples or parental counseling benefits many people. Individual psychotherapy can help a person understand their problems better and develop new strategies for managing their stresses and emotions.  Laboratory tests looking for possible medical diagnoses may shed light on a condition that had not been previously diagnosed or treated.  The use of psychiatric medications can offer relief for many psychiatric problems such as depression, anxiety and mood swings.  Anger and irritability that are taking the joy out of life should not just be accepted as having to be lived with.  A psychiatric evaluation with Dr. Harden could be the beginning of finally getting rid of irrational anger and irritability.

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